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Frequently Asked Questions

Age Restrictions
What are the minimum age requirements for renting?
- The minimum age requirement is that the driver is at least 21 years old.

Are there maximum age requirements for renting?
- No there are no maximum age requirements, as long as there is a valid drivers license.

Do any special terms or conditions apply to my rental?

May I review in advance the Rental Agreement I'll be required to sign when I pick up my car?
- Yes, the terms and conditions/rental agreement is available on the Terms & Conditions page of this website: http://www.mykonosrentals.gr/terms.php

Required Credentials/Deposits
What kinds of credentials will I need to present when I pick up my rental?
- You will need to have a drivers license that has been valid for at least 1 year. Also, a valid credit card.

Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
- No deposites are required.

Will you accept any other form of identification in lieu of a driver's license?
- No, drivers license is vital.

Is my regular driver's license sufficient when I am renting outside my resident country?
- Within the european union any license is valid. For people outside of the EU an international drivers license must be present.

Will you check my driving record?
- No.

What if I have traffic infractions?
- Nothing

Additional Drivers
Can someone else drive a car that I rent?
- Yes they can.

Do you change extra for an additional driver?
- No, it is not required.

Is a credit card needed to hold my reservation?
- Yes a credit card is required.

Will my credit/debit card be charged when I make the reservation?
- No it will not be charged. Your card is kept as a verification for your reservation.

How do I cancel my existing reservation?
- You can cancel by emailing or phoning us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Car Rates
How is my rental rate calculated?
- Rate is depended on the season and the rate for the particular car. Depending on how many days you rent the car, there are discounts available for longer periods of rental.

Is it cheaper to rent on a certain day of the week or time of the month?
- Yes there are differences in rates between Low Season and High Season

Do you rent cars by the hour?
- No, minimum rental is 24 hours. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/3rd of the daily rate.

Do late-return fees aply?
- Yes they do. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/3rd of the daily rate.

Does the cost of the rental include fuel?
- No, fuel is not included.

Will any other fees aply?
- There are no other fees.

Can I save money by booking online?
- Yes you do save money by booking online.

Do you offer hotel or other travel discounts?
- Yes there are discounted hotel rates available as you decided to rent your car.

Rental Services
Do you deliver vehicles?
- Yes we do.

Do you offer pick-up service?
- Yes we do.

What insurance do you offer while I'm renting?

Am I required to take insurance?
- Yes you are.

Can I rent additional accessories?
- Yes you can.

What's the cost of a child safety seat?
- Free of charge.

Do you offer vehicles for drivers with disabiities?
- No we dont.